Fred Gallander - President and Chief Executive Officer
Prior to joining SEER, Mr. Gallander was a member of the Board of Directors of Transcoastal Marine Services, Inc., offshore oil and gas service firm (NASDAQ - "TCMS"). Mr. Gallander was an Officer and President of Dickson GMP International, Inc. The company originally serviced the Gulf of Mexico, but under Mr. Gallander's leadership, expanded the engineering and construction services to West Africa, Venezuela and offshore California. Mr. Gallander was also a principal of The Engineering Development Group (EDG), which designed offshore oil and gas platforms and process equipment.


Neil Arnold - Vice President of Advanced Technologies
Before joining SEER Technology, Mr. Arnold spent 7 years as a Senior Research Associate at the University of Utah, Center for Micro Analysis and Reaction Chemistry. Previous to that, Mr. Arnold was President of FemtoScan Corporation in Salt Lake City, UT. In addition to his responsibilities as president, he also directed research and development for FemtoScan. These R&D efforts included continuing development of FemtoScan AVS-TLGC equipment and applications using both MS and IMS based detectors. Though his original training was in physics and applied mathematics, Mr. Arnold has long held an interest in analytical chemistry and instrumentation. Past projects include continuing development of a direct atmospheric vapor sampling inlet for use with a portable mass spectrometer via a transfer line GC/MS method, construction of a man-portable transfer line GC/MS system and testing of novel GC/IMS concepts. Mr. Arnold's research experience extends to a number of mass spectrometric instrument types including magnetic sector, quadrupole and ion trap type instruments, and methods including GC/MS, chemical ionization MS, and FAB MS in both low and high resolution systems. As an instrument developer Mr. Arnold has experience in computer systems and programming, gas chromatography, vacuum systems, electronics and sample introduction methods. Mr. Arnold received his M.S., Physics from the University of Utah in 1984 and his B.S., Physics from the University of Wyoming in 1982.


Gary Bodily - Chief Technology Officer
Prior to joining SEER, Mr. Bodily worked as a research analyst for Mission Research Corporation in Logan, Utah. For 15 years prior to his employment with Mission Research Corporation, Mr. Bodily worked at the Dugway Proving Grounds. Mr. Bodily started his career at Dugway Proving Grounds as a Project Officer & Branch Chief, and then moved on to Special Projects. Mr. Bodily finished his career at Dugway Proving Grounds under the Strategic Planning Division. Mr. Bodily earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Utah and his Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Tennessee Space Institute.


Bob Lutnicki - Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Mr. Lutnicki was a founder of Computer Network Technology (CNT) where he served as VP of Marketing and as a member of the Board of Directors. CNT developed ground breaking mainframe communications technology that supported Local Area Networking and Storage Area Networking solutions for the nation's largest business and government entities. Mr. Lutnicki served as VP of Sales and Marketing for GEOSPAN Corporation, the developer of Visual Geographic Information. GEOSPAN is the leading provider of high resolution, multi-angle oblique aerial and integrated 360° street-level photogrammetric imagery to industry. Mr. Lutnicki's career path includes global sales leadership honors for Net Perceptions, the developer of collaborative filtering software for e-commerce. Mr. Lutnicki holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Boston University.


Wendy Miceli - Interim Chief Financial Officer
Wendy received her Bachelor’s degree in accounting and her MBA from Colorado State University. After university, she worked as an accountant for Questar Corporation. Ms Miceli was charged with and successfully completed monthly consolidations of Questar Gas, Questar Pipeline and Questar Energy Services into one single division for financial statement preparations. After Questar, Ms. Miceli went to work for Dresser, Inc. as the Division Controller for the Pressure Regulation Group in Salt Lake City. As Controller, in addition to all fiscal accounting and corporate reporting, her responsibilities included compliance, management training and cohesiveness across departments. In 2010, GE acquired Dresser, Inc. and is now a division of GE Energy. Wendy was a key member of the due diligence team in Salt Lake City, for the acquisition during that time.


Kerri Bell – Chief of Staff
Ms. Kerri Bell has a degree in Communications and Paralegal Studies.  She started her career within the legal profession as a Paralegal for the law firm of Parry, Anderson and Gardiner, LLC. where she worked in the Corporate Law division of the firm.  She then moved on to the law firm of Holme Roberts and Owen, LLP.  While with the firm Kerri was a member of the group that specialized in Mergers and Acquisitions.  She has been with SEER for over six years. During the course of her tenure with SEER, Ms. Bell has held numerous positions which has exposed her to the needs of our clients, while educating her to the value that our products bring to market place.  Her skill sets will contribute to the success of moving SEER’s products into the international market place via our distribution channels.


Mel Crouch – Director of Engineering
Before joining SEER Technology, Mr. Crouch was President/CEO/Owner of the Park City Illustrated, LLC a Discovery Map® Franchise and Publisher of the Park City Discovery Map®. Mr. Crouch served as Vice President of Manufacturing for Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp. (ESCC). Mr. Crouch also served as a Quality Assurance Technician for EIMAC Division of Varian Associates. Mr. Crouch brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from serving in multiple roles for Manufacturing, Engineering and Small Business organizations. Mr. Crouch has an AS Degree in Electronic Technology from Salt Lake Community College. Mr. Crouch has also studied Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Utah.


Jed Bodily - AccuSense Product Manager
Prior to joining SEER, Mr. Bodily served as Director of Payment Operations for the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. During his employment with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Mr. Bodily controlled all payment related functions for the Portland, Salt Lake City and Seattle branches. Mr. Bodily holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Weber State University and a Masters Degree in Bank Administration from the University of Washington.



Trevor Olch – Corporate Analyst
Mr. Olch has been with SEER since 2010. As corporate analyst Mr. Olch oversees financial statistics, internal product testing logistics, international certifications and third party vendor relationships. Prior to joining SEER, Mr. Olch worked at Willis Lease Finance Corporation in the finance department. Mr. Olch received his Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and Masters of Business Administration from the University of Denver. Mr. Olch currently serves on the board of directors of the USA Ski Cross Association.