NAViSEER Product

The NAViSEER® Personnel Tracking system provides highly accurate geo-position location information for personnel deployed in areas where there is no GPS service.

In GPS denied areas such as buildings, tunnels, urban canyons and foliage canopies, NAViSEER combines precision Inertial Navigation System (INS) technology with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and streams tracking information based on body movement to a remote PC monitor for viewing in SEER3D™ visualization software.

SEER3D screenshotSEER3D enables the quick deployment of a geo-referenced, three dimensional wireframe representation of any building, or other geography, visible in Google Earth™. The user simply clicks on a building's perimeter, enters the number of floors, and a 3D wireframe diagram of the building is automatically extruded. Personnel deployed with NAViSEER are represented in SEER3D by avatars and their real world position is dynamically displayed inside the virtual 3D building diagram shown in the software. Tracking in a “tops down” two dimensional view using Google Earth™ or a topographical map are also viewing options. Digital blueprints, fire plans, aerial photos, or a scanned hand drawing of a building may be inserted into SEER3D. With accurate geo position data displayed in SEER3D incident commanders have greatly enhanced situational awareness to support the safety of deployed personnel.

NAViSEER offers both cellular and RF communications technology to move data from the NAViSEER tracker unit to a remote PC monitor for visualization. NAViSEER GSM and NAViSEER CDMA integrate cellular radio technology into the NAViSEER tracker unit and use the public cell networks to move data from the tracker to the PC monitor. The NAViSEER XR (External Radio) model is compatible with existing digital RF communications systems and connects directly to a portable tactical radio worn by the deployed asset.

The NAViSEER Personnel Tracking System is a strategic tool for conquering unknown environments. Key applications such as Man Down Extraction, Command and Control, Search & Rescue and Tactical Field Training demand real time awareness of personnel in order to guarantee their safety. By providing the capability to “See what can’t be seen”, NAViSEER can help save lives.

NAViSEER Controller and SEER3D Visualization
NAViSEER Controller is an operator interface for configuration of NAViSEER devices and uses a DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation) based protocol for broadcasting NAViSEER position data over the local network. NAViSEER Controller allows the operator to configure both immediate use parameters and startup defaults stored in the NAViSEER's internal memory.

  • Manually update remote NAViSEER units with Latitude, Longitude and Altitude coordinates
  • Configure volatile parameters in each remote NAViSEER unit
  • Apply settings to all remote units or only one unit
  • Configure non-volatile parameters for each unit, e.g. broadcast mode, step detection, user stride length, GPS ON/OFF, etc.
  • Ability to update firmware in the field
  • Broadcast NAViSEER position data to any SEER3D programs operating on the same network

The NAViSEER tracking system includes the SEER3D™ visualization software bundle. SEER3D™ allows rapid geo-referencing and 3D wireframe extrusion of any building visible via a Google Earth™ browser, digital blueprints, fireplans, aerial or reconnaissance photos, or a scanned hand drawing of a building. The user simply clicks on the building's perimeter, enters the number of floors, and a 3D wireframe building representation is created. As team personnel enter the actual building their location is represented by avatars and their position is dynamically displayed inside the virtual 3D building. This allows precision command and control operations to be conducted and controlled in real-time.

  • Very quickly create 3D wireframe visualizations of buildings of any size and shape accurate to the number of floors and quickly add more buildings to reflect a changing tactical situation
  • Operator can quickly change building size, rotation, position, floor height, number of floors as more intelligence becomes available without having to rebuild the 3D model
  • Quickly initialize first response team members arriving at the site and/or manually insert assets already onsite into the visualization
  • Clearly recognize the specific floor where deployed assets are located
  • Clearly view body heading
  • Label each avatar by name, call sign or other moniker
  • Manually position virtual vehicles around the scene for a better tactical view of the deployment scenario
  • In addition to real-time viewing, all tracked paths are stored in data logger for training, after-action reviews and debriefing.
  • Clearly differentiate groups of participants with different colored avatars - e.g., blue for police, black for SWAT, white for firefighters, etc.
  • Automatically designate building faces with letter identifications - A, B, C, D
  • User selectable visual themes, language and units of measure


First Responders
First Responder Applications for NAViSEER
First Responder Applications for NAViSEER

In a burning 10 story building scenario, an entire Fire Battalion might be engaged. In many cases, a 7 man extraction team is positioned very near the scene, but remains otherwise unengaged unless a firefighter goes down. Once a firefighter is down, there is often no more than 3 minutes to get him/her out before it becomes a body extraction/recovery operation.

Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement Applications for NAViSEER
Law Enforcement Applications for NAViSEER

Scenario 1: A Sheriff in a rural or urban area chases a suspected felon. He leaves his vehicle (GPS Initialization Point ¡V where the base radio is located) and takes off on foot pursuing a suspect. The Sheriff is shot or injured and radios for help, but since he is separated from the vehicle, there is no way to ascertain the exact position where he went down. Even if he had a GPS-equipped handheld radio, if he pursued the suspect into a building, cave, or a tunnel, his position might not be available.

Mining Applications for NAViSEER
Mining Applications for NAViSEER

Miner Proximity Detection

Many accidents happen in the mining industry due to impaired visibility or poor communications with miners on foot and miners in massive mining machines. As most mining machines are tracked by GPS on the surface, a NAViSEER-tracked miner can trigger alarms if he walks into an unsafe area or moves too close to a dangerous part of a mining machine.

Corrections Applications for NAViSEER
Corrections Applications for NAViSEER

In a prison or jail facility, it is very desirable to know exactly where the guards and other employees are located at any given moment. If these personnel were equipped with NAViSEER attached to their radios, in the event of a prisoner riot situation, Facility Management/Security could determine precisely where their people were and direct rescue operations toward them, or even steer people away from unknowingly moving toward a dangerous riot situation.

Military Applications for NAViSEER
Military Applications for NAViSEER

In urban combat scenarios, field commanders need to know the location of their personnel at all times, not only for potential rescue scenarios, but also to avoid friendly-fire casualties. The movements and position of NAViSEER-equipped personnel can be tracked at all times - even within buildings, tunnels, caves or forest and jungle canopies. The NAViSEER is carried in the combat vest positioned against the lower back and attached to the radio on each soldier.

Search & Rescue
Search and Rescue Applications for NAViSEER
Search and Rescue Applications for NAViSEER

Search and Rescue teams face situations every day where NAViSEER would be very beneficial.

Search and Rescue teams are deployed to find lost hikers, recover bodies and search for convicts in mountainous areas, under forest or jungle foliage and in ravines and canyons. These are areas GPS signals have difficulty in penetrating.

NAViSEER will allow Search and Rescue teams to track their personnel and then give the commander a simple, easy to understand display of what area have been searched or not searched.

Secured Access
Secured Access Applications for NAViSEER
Secured Access Applications for NAViSEER

Secured Facilities- Nuclear Power Plants, National Laboratories, Airports, Petrochemical Plants and Refineries

In a secure facility it is very desirable to know the exact location of employees, visitors and security personnel at any given moment. If these personnel and/or visitors enter a restricted area, an alarm could be raised and the person located and removed from the restricted facilities. By the same token in an emergency or disaster situation, it can potentially save lives to know the exact location of key personnel.


NAViSEER Personnel Tracking System

NAViSEER Personnel Tracking System.  See how the NAViSEER tracker works with the accompanying software.

Technical Information


Uses external digital radios for communications to a remote PC / Laptop with SEER3D Visualization Software


Hybrid unit with the capability of communicating via an external digital radio and / or internal GSM / GPRS radio communication protocol.


Hybrid unit with capability of communicating via an external digital radio and / or internal CDMA cellular radio communications protocol.