SEER is a technology company that provides advanced chemical detection and human asset tracking products.  Our technology delivers solutions for human and environmental threats by communicating critical real-time information to decision-makers in the first responder, military, industrial, environmental and homeland security sectors. SEER precision data enhances safety and saves lives.

AccuSense® is a wireless, hand deployed, portable, gas chromatograph for chemical gas detection that can detect, identify and quantify multiple chemical gases at one time, in real time and display analysis results on a remote monitor. AccuSense implements neural network algorithms to create high definition chemical signatures that maximize the separation of chemical spectra enabling very low rates of false negatives and false positives to bring a new level of accuracy and confidence to field chemical detection devices.

AccuSense is quick to deploy and easy to use, and gives first responders, Hazmat teams, CBRN and environmental air quality professionals point detection of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC’s) and has a simple user interface that provides instant reference to the NIOSH standards for Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) exposures. Because it uses no consumable elute gases, AccuSense can be deployed in remote, fixed networks for continuous air monitoring to support Industrial Hygiene and facility security applications.

The NAViSEER Personnel Tracking System is the first GPS Denied tracking system to successfully provide highly accurate geo-position information of personnel deployed in areas where GPS service is limited or not available. Military personnel, industrial security and first responders such as firefighters, SWAT teams, Hazmat teams and other law enforcement officers are frequently called to deploy into unknown environments such as buildings, urban canyons, tunnels or areas with a heavy foliage canopy, where GPS service is denied or limited. Because NAViSEER requires no supporting infrastructure, it is quick to deploy and easy to use in these environments.

The NAViSEER tracking system implements both GPS and Inertial Navigation System (INS) technology to generate horizontal and vertical geo-location (X-Y-Z) information for deployed personnel. Each position update is represented by avatars on a three dimensional wireframe diagram of the involved structure, street, tunnel or open space created by SEER3D visualization software and displayed on a remote PC monitor. The SEER3D user interface provides a comprehensive two and three dimensional view of the incident site geography and the NAViSEER equipped assets. SEER3D also supports the addition of incremental layers of incident information to maximize situational awareness for onsite incident commanders as well as remotely-based decision makers.

Location data is communicated from the NAViSEER unit to a PC or Laptop with the SEER3D visualization software via a mobile radio worn by the deployed individual or via a GSM/GPRS cell protocol radio integrated into the NAViSEER unit that uses the existing public cellular networks to communicate positioned based information.