Overview - Naviseer in development



The NAViSEER® Personnel Tracking system (currently in development) provides highly accurate geo-position location information for personnel deployed in areas where there is no GPS service.

In GPS denied areas such as buildings, tunnels, urban canyons and foliage canopies, NAViSEER combines precision Inertial Navigation System (INS) technology with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and streams tracking information based on body movement to a remote PC monitor for viewing in SEER3D™ visualization software.


SEER3D enables the quick deployment of a geo-referenced, three dimensional wireframe representation of any building, or other geography, visible in Google Earth™. The user simply clicks on a building's perimeter, enters the number of floors, and a 3D wireframe diagram of the building is automatically extruded. Personnel deployed with NAViSEER are represented in SEER3D by avatars and their real world position is dynamically displayed inside the virtual 3D building diagram shown in the software. Tracking in a “tops down” two dimensional view using Google Earth™ or a topographical map are also viewing options. Digital blueprints, fire plans, aerial photos, or a scanned hand drawing of a building may be inserted into SEER3D. With accurate geo position data displayed in SEER3D incident commanders have greatly enhanced situational awareness to support the safety of deployed personnel.


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NAViSEER offers both cellular and RF communications technology to move data from the NAViSEER tracker unit to a remote PC monitor for visualization. NAViSEER GSM and NAViSEER CDMA integrate cellular radio technology into the NAViSEER tracker unit and use the public cell networks to move data from the tracker to the PC monitor. The NAViSEER XR (External Radio) model is compatible with existing digital RF communications systems and connects directly to a portable tactical radio worn by the deployed asset.